Customer Challenge

Webtech Wireless provides fleet management solutions to commercial vehicles subject to US and Canadian hours of service (HOS) regulations. These solutions automate record keeping and regulatory compliance, reduce fuel burn and idling, mitigate risk and keep drivers safe. Webtech Wireless wanted to create a new industry in-cab solution, called Webtech Driver Center, for the Android platform based on their award-winning MDT 3100 implementation. The goal was to re-design the user interface (UI) to improve usability for drivers, while being accessible on a wide variety of Android-based devices.



The Webtech Driver Center provides fleet managers with a fully electronic implementation of US and Canadian Hours of Service (HOS) as well as two-way messaging, forms and electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (eDVIR).

Android was a clear platform choice, as the fastest growing segment of the smartphone and tablet market and the most economical option for Webtech Wireless’ customers. It was very important to provide flexibility in device form factor. Many customers have mixed fleets with very different requirements, from in-house truck fleets equipped with Android tablets through to contracted owner operators using Android phones. Some sectors, such as oil and gas, will need trucks to be equipped with ruggedized tablets where others will use regular Android tablets.

Webtech Wireless selected Conquer Mobile based on their depth of knowledge, business apps experience and Vancouver location. With tight deadlines, communications were vital, so a local partner was a strong advantage. Conquer Mobile acted as a development partner, focusing on the driver log component, workflow and user interface. Webtech Wireless focused on the back-end services and integration.

Usability testing was key to the project’s success. Webtech Wireless hired a third party usability testing company to test Conquer Mobile’s wireframes and workflow design. They recruited male and female truck drivers with varying levels of driving and technology experience, and videotaped the drivers doing cognitive walkthroughs with Conquer Mobile’s wireframes. Feedback was very positive and enabled early refinement of the UI.

We compared several candidates and chose Conquer Mobile based on their business app experience, depth of knowledge and Vancouver location. They proved to be talented mobile user interface designers as well as technical experts.

Gary Zwiecki,
VP Engineering, Webtech Wireless


  • Webtech Wireless customers now have a choice of form factor – ruggedized Android tablet, regular Android tablet or Android phone – to fit the varying needs of their fleets.
  • Drivers have a more intuitive user interface that has been rigorously tested for usability, and will make logging hours much easier.
  • Webtech Driver Center fleet management can now be more easily deployed and used to keep drivers compliant and fleets more productive.