Customer Challenge

NGRAIN, creates innovative interactive 3D simulation training software, giving a virtual hands-on experience. NGRAIN’s goal was to get their high performance Windows-based core rendering graphics engine working on the iPad, to enable new groups of users and open up new business opportunities. NGRAIN had already achieved a high level of efficiency and performance on Windows PCs and wanted to match that on iOS.



We searched long and hard for a team with the right depth of expertise. Conquer Mobile has a very smart team, with industrial strength experience and deep domain knowledge. We were very impressed with the people and the results.

Andrew Woo


  • The NGRAIN core rendering engine now works on the iPad, with enhanced performance.
  • NGRAIN’s sales team is now able to pursue military and defense opportunities that mandate a mobile solution.
  • With the iPad core rendering engine, NGRAIN will move on to develop next generation augmented reality solutions, leveraging the iPad’s capabilities.