Customer Challenge

Founded in 1909, the Artona Group is BC’s leading studio for graduation, school, family, corporate and wedding portraits, Artona had a paper-based system to manage the workflow of students through the studio. It was outdated and no longer able to manage the high volume of customers visiting the studio. Customers were becoming dissatisfied with the long wait times. Artona’s goal was to bring the studio into the mobile era, give the company a distinct competitive advantage and equip the company for expansion.



Conquer Mobile were quick to understand the workflow issues. They were very dedicated and persistent, working closely with our photographers to produce a streamlined studio experience that students love.

TJ Rak

Client Relations Manager


  • Artona won an industry award for innovative use of technology to engage millennials
  • Customer satisfaction is vastly improved and studio workflow is more efficient
  • Artona now has a distinct competitive advantage in the graduate photography sector