Smart sensor apps

Making real-time data work for you

Sensors are everywhere, enabling continuous real-time monitoring on an unprecedented scale. The opportunities are endless – from agriculture and water management to logistics and retail. The key is turning vast streams of real-time data into accessible information that enables managers to respond quickly, save resources and avert crises. Our team combines Bluetooth LE expertise, business intelligence software experience and UX design savvy to help managers make fast, informed decisions.

Smart agriculture

Agricultural sensors enable real-time, continuous monitoring of everything from temperature and soil moisture to parasites and humidity. Our apps bring together real-time sensor data from many different sources over an extensive geographic area. Our difference is presenting that data in a way that enables managers to make rapid decisions that field workers can act upon, instantly.

Smart water

Smart sensors have a wide range of uses in water quality management from monitoring city tap water to remotely monitoring swimming pools. Sensors can also be used to raise alerts for water leakage in tanks and pipes or factory chemical leakages in rivers. Often, water quality engineers will be out in the field doing spot readings at multiple sites. Our apps mean that field workers can get real-time water quality readings on their smartphones and can upload data and email reports to management instantly.

Smart logistics & retail

Smart sensors play an invaluable role in tracking shipment conditions such as vibrations and container openings and in fleet tracking for delicate or dangerous goods. Sensors can be used to locate items in large warehouses, to control stock rotation and to automate restocking. But no matter how smart the sensors, you still need an intuitive user interface to interact with them. That’s our value add – designing apps that people love to use.