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VR used to be experimental and all about gaming, but it’s gaining traction and affordability with some very serious applications. Conquer Mobile is at the forefront of VR research, focused on VR Simulation for medical education – training clinicians on surgical procedures for increased patient safety.

We’re also doing some every cool custom app development for business and medical clients. Talk to us about how to make your VR idea come to life.

PeriopSim VR

Practice Safely before Surgery

PeriopSim VR provides fully immersive medical simulation training for surgical staff. Using a VR headset, learners are immersed in the OR environment and asked to pass the correct instrument to the surgeon, during surgery.

Aaron Hilton

Executive Chairman, Co-Founder

Aaron Hilton is a leading voice in the VR community, as founder of the VanVR Meetup group and founding partner in The Sawmill, a newly launched Motion Capture Studio in Vancouver. He is also collaborating with the Emily Carr VIVE VR project and doing collaborative research with pioneers such as wireless headset researcher David Clement.

UploadVR Article

VR Training Simulator Looks to Train Nurses and Surgical Staff before they Enter the OR

Chris Malmo tries out PeriopSim VR and looks at the practical use of VR medical simulation for training surgical teams before they enter the OR.

Date: April 23, 2015

Read full story on UploadVR site

PeriopSim UploadVR Medical Simulation

VanVR Meetup

VanVR brings together The Vancouver Virtual Reality community, a passionate group of highly talented researchers. The group was founded by Aaron Hilton of Conquer Mobile and has over 500 active members. VanVR website

Collaboration Partners

The Sawmill

The Sawmill is a multi purpose media studio with a motion capture facility created for research and development of digital visual effects technology. Sawmill website

Emily Carr

Emily Carr, in collaboration with The Sawmill, has created an untethered virtual experience, which can include hands, feed or even a full body avatar.  Read about the VIVE (Very Immersive Virtual Experience) Emily Carr Mocap Research project here.


David Clements, CEO of Wavesine, is the creator of the NOMAD wireless VR headset demonstrated in our PeriopSim VR prototype. Wavesine Website