Services Packages

Scope and Design

Giving you a head start

Sometimes you just need a blueprint for your in-house developers to implement. We do a full scope and requirements analysis and produce clickable wireframes and a technical design to give you a racing start.

Full Custom Mobile Development

Scope to ship

When you need to get a solution to market and lack the in-house resources, we can be your development partner. We have an excellent track record for budget, delivery and client communications.

ISV Outsourcing

Partnering for the long term

When you need to outsource your development , testing and product support over the longer term, you need a partner with a track record. We have testimonials from long term relationships with leading ISVs.

Rapid Prototyping

Helping you prioritize

When you have multiple app ideas and need to prioritize, we can produce rapid protoypes with realistic estimates. Armed with prototypes, you can communicate your budget and roadmap to stakeholders more easily.

Mobile Rescue™

When you hit a roadblock

Sometimes, development hits a roadblock several months in. We have created a package to get you back on track. We bring in a senior architect to check core assumptions and make recommendations. We also include a block of development time to implement some of our advice.

Development Accelerator™

When you need to get to market faster

Often, you just need extra horsepower to hit your development milestones and get to market. We’ve created a package that includes a senior mobile consultant and a block of time for some extreme mobile programming.

Mobile UX Rescue™

When your users need help

You want users to enjoy using your app. Sometimes a few tweaks to the UX is all it takes. Our senior UX designer will bring fresh insights to improve your user experience and productivity. We include a block of UX design time to create clickable wireframes to bring our ideas to life.

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We are custom mobile developers. We specialize in turning ideas into working solutions. Please ask us for a free consultation.