Real Time Collaboration

Ask us how to bring your mobile web app into real time.

If you’ve used Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365, you’ve used Real Time Collaboration (RTC). It’s available in big box apps, but how do you make it available in a custom mobile web app for your business?

Watch the video to see how RTC can be used in field service and continuing care settings to help teams solve issues faster.

Read our blog posts – one that explains RTC in plan terms for business people and one that digs deep into the tech wizardry behind the buzzwords.

Real Time Collaboration for Real People

If you’ve ever used Google Docs or Microsoft Office 365, then you’ve used Real Time Collaboration (RTC). It’s so ubiquitous that many people take it for granted. But what is RTC and why is it such a tough nut to crack? It means multiple people working together on a project simultaneously, …

Real Time Collaboration

The Tech behind the Buzzwords

The web is no stranger to buzzwords, whether AJAX or HTML5. The overall trend is one of making the web feel like a shared desktop app. Yet we still struggle to replicate what worked 20 years ago on a desktop computer. It’s not that simple of course. Delivery has to be efficient, security concerns …