The ConquerMethod™ is a predictable process of planning, design and execution that gets your product to market faster.

Conquer Mobile is a company with smart people who are immensely talented in design and technology. We have great clients who bring us amazingly challenging problems to solve. However, without a clear, predictable process in place we would not be able to accurately estimate, plan, design or execute to the high level we are known for.

Because we adhere to this process for every project, we are better able to understand your project goals, users’ expectations, the technical hurdles, and ultimately what it is going to take to build the software from both a cost and timing perspective.

Initial Consultation

We have heard countless stories from clients with less than stellar results from a previous development team. Some firms go on gut feel, throwing out ball park estimates and timelines without truly understanding what it take to pull the project off successfully. We want to build the right product the first time for you.

The ConquerMethod™ begins as soon as we meet each other and begin to learn about your project, product, and challenge you need solved. One of the benefits of the ConquerMethod™  is that we don’t provide full estimates up front. First, we engage in a Scope and Design phase to clearly understand the application requirements. This allows you to move a stage forward for a defined price, so you can understand exactly what it will take to bring your product to market.

User Experience Research

The first step in creating an amazing user experience is to understand the product and the user. During the UX Research phase we conduct interviews with product owner, stakeholders, and end-users.

User Narratives

User Narratives are written stories explaining how a typical user will interact with the various features. These stories can be simple or highly complex, where unique users have very different experiences.


Wireframes are screen layouts, devoid of all design aesthetic, that focus on functionality and page content. Using Wireframes and referring back to the User Narratives we are able to ensure that all features and functionality are addressed and tested. By keeping the project pace at a high level we are able to make rapid progress.

Technology Design

On approval of all the wireframes and user stories we begin to develop the Technical Design plan for the project. By waiting until the wireframes are complete we ensure that the Technical Design addresses every aspect of the project, from back-end servers, front end technologies, and platform-specific considerations. A Technology Design document typically includes technology infrastructure topology diagrams, information flow diagrams, and a summary of the overall approach.

We then dig into the details of each feature breaking down each component into story points, which account for the effort it will take a developer to complete a particular function in a single day. In a typical story point we also account for time to complete quality assurance testing, and fixing of any bugs or errors we find. Being this granular, we create a highly detailed breakdown of all tasks that need to be tracked and a clear estimate of work involved in a project.

Project Plan

Here we take the User Stories, Wireframes, Technology Design, and assemble it into a complete development plan. The Project Plan gives you a clear outline of the budget and timeline to complete the project. Project plan documents include estimates for:

  • User Interface Design
  • Programming
  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • App Store Deployment
  • Training
  • Project Management
  • Support and Maintenance

At this point, the Scope and Design phase is complete. For some clients who have development teams in-house this is the end of the project for us. With others we enter the development phase where the project begins to take shape.


The ConquerMethod™ follows the agile software development methodology known as Scrum. Projects are broken down into 1-2 week ‘Sprints’, with clearly defined deliverables. Each sprint includes both development and QA time. We provide demos and builds at regular intervals, giving you the opportunity to contribute and play with the application as it evolves. End Result: Costs are kept in check, and you have a clear picture of where your project is at, at all times.


The development team at Conquer Mobile has an amazing depth of experience and expertise and can handle incredibly challenging projects across technologies and platforms. Small projects typically take between two and four weeks, while larger multi-version projects can take up to six months.

What if Your Project Needs Rescuing?  Once in a while we get calls to help rescue a project from poor design or development choices. These are always exciting projects and are immensely rewarding helping a client pull a project away from failure and to get it back on track.

In other cases, a product owner will come to use with a backlog of work that their team does not have the capacity to complete. We love to work with other teams and are very comfortable dropping into these projects on a short term basis to help alleviate the backlog and to get a product to market faster.



A key aspect of the ConquerMethod™  is our dedicated QA team that works alongside our development team during the entire project to ensure that a clear test plan is established. All features need to be tested from different angles, on different devices, and operating system versions. For some projects we also set up and implement automated unit testing to ensure a smooth build cycle.

What if You Already Have a Product?  In some cases our client may already have a product on the market, with a comprehensive code base. They may be unhappy with their current development team or wish to consolidate multiple platform builds to a single firm. We are happy to help in these cases. Our process changes slightly from a scope and design to a detailed knowledge transfer phase where we completely immerse ourselves in the code base and provide recommendations and understanding outlines moving forward.


Shipping an application is always an exciting and satisfying stage of any project. Conquer Mobile works with you to setup and manage deployment to all App Market places and to your  Enterprise App Stores.

Support and Maintenance

Conquer Mobile believes in supporting our work long after the initial launch. As part of the Conquer Method, we work with you to provide support and maintenance contracts that fit your requirements.


For clients with in-house development teams, we often provide training and knowledge transfer so that they can continue the maintenance of the project. For other clients we provide detailed training on how to use the application within their organization.

In Summary

Our goal with the ConquerMethod™ is to get your product to market faster, through a predictable process of planning, user experience design, communication, technical design, development, testing, support, and deployment.