Our services range all the way from custom mobile app development to short term rescue packages.

Our expertise runs deep – with years of experience in Bluetooth 4LE, 3D scanning, VR and server integration. Our experience is wide – from medical to agriculture to mining. Our difference is bringing complex data into apps that drive decisions and workers love to use.

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We are passionate about turning complex ideas into working solutions. We do iOS, Android and cross-platform development. Please ask for a free consultation.

We searched long and hard for a team with the right depth of expertise. Conquer Mobile has a very smart team, with industrial strength experience and deep domain knowledge. We were very impressed with the people and the results.

Andrew Woo

Technology showcase

We have some seriously cool technologies that can be built into custom apps. We call them Conquer Components. Take a look and ask us how to build them into a solution for your business.

Services packages

We have a full range of services covering everything from mobile strategy to short term development rescue:

  • Mobile Strategy & Roadmap
  • Scope and Design
  • Full Custom Mobile Development
  • ISV Outsourcing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mobile Rescue™
  • Development Accelerator™
  • Mobile UX Rescue™


The ConquerMethod is a predictable process of planning, design and execution that gets your product to market faster.


UX 101

A comprehensive introduction to what User Experience (UX) is all about, why it’s needed and how to do it.

The ROI of Outsourcing Mobile Development

You need to deliver a mobile app – but you don’t have the resources to develop it. Should you outsource or build in-house? Download our new e_Book to help guide your decision.