Scanning the human body in 3D

selfYscan is a just fun way of demonstrating some seriously cool medical technology we’re working on. We’ve developed software to measure the body very accurately in 3D and we’re using it for surgery visualization and VR simulation. The selfYscan technology allows us to capture 3D models of the operating room very rapidly, and to pull that scan into a VR simulation within minutes. This technology is revolutionizing the process of making virtual reality very real.

Custom 3D Scanning Apps

We build custom apps using the selfYscan 3D measurement software for medical, VR and product design. Let’s talk.

3D Scanning in Action

3D Scans for VR Medical Simulation

We use VR medical simulation to train surgical staff safely, outside of the OR. Our product, PeriopSim, teaches surgical procedures step by step, with voice narration and prompts learners to pass the right instrument at the right time. In the fully immersive VR version, learners must engage spatial learning to coordinate the instruments. We use 3D scanning to load accurate representations of instruments and the OR setting to make learning as realistic as possible.

3D Scans for Patient Consult Apps

Specialists need to explain complex conditions, treatment options and prognoses to patients in simple terms. Patients are often under stress and find it difficult to remember the details when they return home. Our custom patient consult apps, such as GenomeDx, equip physicians with 3D models to explain concepts in simple terms and to provide printed take-home copies.

3D scanning takes this a step further, enabling physicians to accurately document external conditions with a 3D scan, which can be added to the patient’s EMR file. For example measuring the circumference of a skin condition or chronic wound.

3D Scans in Medical

  • Prosthetics design for a custom fit
  • Visualization before and after surgery
  • Precise documentation of patient conditions
  • Custom fit for external medical devices

3D Scans in Business

  • Scanning objects into VR
  • Accurate measurement for product design
  • Scanning components for accurate assembly
  • Visualization for custom tailoring or design