Custom Healthcare

Crafting educational experiences that encourage mastery

Whether you are teaching case management for remote healthcare workers or surgical procedures for OR staff, we will design an immersive experience that fits your learners.

Designed to Fit

We’ve created avatar-based case management training for African healthcare workers and VR simulation training for OR nurses. We’ve transformed employee safety training for large organizations and designed assessment based systems for institutional learning. Challenge us!

Repetition, Retention, Reach

Education is all about repetition, retention and reach. We use simulation, avatars, VR and gaming techniques to encourage learners to practice skills until they reach mastery. The Experience platform embraces many facets of training: procedural, case-based, scenario-based, engagement, assessment and workflow.

Scaling Up

The Experience platform is designed to scale. Our content management system ensures rapid content creation and enables educators to easily customize content for their facilities. Educators track learning and progress with detailed learner analytics and organize learning with user groups.

Sharing Skills, Saving Lives

CNIS teaches essential surgical skills to African Healthcare workers. With Mobile Optimized Skills Training (MOST) teaching case management skills with avatars, they will scale up training by a factor of 10. Read more about Project MOST.