3D scanning apps

Bringing precision data to life

We’ve built software that measures the body very accurately in 3D. We use it to create 3D scanning and measurement apps for medical, retail, VR and product design.


3D medical apps

Using the Occipital 3D scanner and our own proprietary 3D measurement software we produce highly accurate models for medical apps. Solutions range from custom fit for prosthetics or external medical devices to measuring and documenting patient conditions. Our custom patient consult apps, such as GenomeDx, equip physicians with 3D models to explain concepts in simple terms and to provide printed take-home copies.


3D business apps

3D scanning and measurement are starting to transform retail, manufacturing and product design. The opportunities are endless. For retail, it allows customers to visualize custom tailoring options. For manufacturing, it enables components to be scanned for accurate assembly. For design, it allows accurate measurement for product concepts and visualizations for clients.


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Virtual Reality is coming into its own, with affordable headsets and serious applications such as medical simulation training. Our 3D scanning software means that objects and spaces can be captured very rapidly and brought into a VR simulation within minutes.